Monthly Archives : June 2023

  • AWJ Lab at MISfN 2023

    Johnson Lab undergrads represent MSU on home turf at this year’s Michigan Society for Neuroscience conference! Tim Stokes presented the fruits of his licking microstructure and c-fos study, which involved tracking sucrose consumption by counting individual rat licks and the use of immunohistochemistry to quantify differences in c-fos expression between subjects. Overall the study sought […]

  • Lauren’s Defense and PhD; Congrats and Best of Luck!

    Congratulations, Lauren! Lauren Raycraft has successfully defended her dissertation, going on to earn her PhD in June 2023. Lauren started her MSU tenure as an undergrad; in the six-plus years she spent with the AWJ lab, she in turn has taken many undergraduates under her wing and deeply involved them in her research. Lauren’s experiments […]