Kailyn Butler

Kailyn Butler is a third-year undergraduate student studying neuroscience with a minor in bioethics. She plans to pursue a MD/PhD or a MD/MPH dual degree to further enhance her passion on racial inequality in healthcare and how it affects children. Kailyn’s research focuses on Lateral Hypothalamic Cells projecting to the Dorsal Motor Nucleus Of the Vagus. Through this research she is currently working on to see how much of an effect do LHA to DMNV projections have on Cephalic Phase Insulin Release (CPIR). She aims to provide insight into the brain circuitry controlling CPIR and efficient glucoregulation. Findings can inform how the brain regulates blood glucose and offers potential targets for the treatment of disruptions in glucoregulation such as that seen with diabetes. In her free time Kailyn enjoys going to basketball and football games with her friends, cooking, and playing video games.