• In: Physiology and Behavior PMID: 369670031 DOI: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2023.114177 Abstract: Puberty is a high-risk period for the development of dysregulated eating, including binge eating. While risk for binge eating in animals …More?

  • - AWJ Lab at MISfN 2023

    Johnson Lab undergrads represent MSU on home turf at this year’s Michigan Society for Neuroscience conference! Tim Stokes presented the fruits of his licking microstructure and c-fos study, which involved …More?

  • Congratulations, Lauren! Lauren Raycraft has successfully defended her dissertation, going on to earn her PhD in June 2023.Lauren started her MSU tenure as an undergrad; in the six-plus years she …More?

  • - AWJ Lab at UURAF 2023

    Our undergrads bring their best brains to UURAF Toria Fex received first place in Neuroscience for her section at UURAF this year, where she presented the fruits of the cocaine …More?

  • - MSU Scifest Expo

    The Johnson Lab provides demonstrations palatable to all ages! Nathan motions to a poster summarizing the gustatory goodies in store for those who visit our table. In outreach designed to …More?

  • ISTB Labs Gather to Showcase Research for Prospective Grads Hustle and bustle filled the ground floor of ISTB as students from the associated labs gathered to show off their experiments …More?